Changes And Cancellations Policy

Travel, flight, reservation changes and delays are unfortunate, but are an inherent risk of travel and outside the control or responsibility of Paradise Transfers. In lieu of our cancellation policy, we offer changes in booking dates with no additional fees. Please notify us via e-mail at least 24 hours prior to your arrival or departure. If you are already at the airport and need to change your arrival, please call us so we can help you reschedule as soon as possible. Changes in final destinations have a different price. If you need to change your departure while being in Cancun, please call the office to any of the provided numbers to change it or send us an email 24 hours prior to your departure. Drivers are not allowed to change any departure pick up schedule. Refunds are subject to revision upon a valid complaint or cancellation. In an extreme or extraordinary situation such as a hurricane, refunds will not be issued and they will be changed for a coupon for a service in the future. To modify or cancel a reservation, send us an email to:

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